Working towards preventing uncontrolled spills

Together with local community groups and key stakeholders, we developed a project to help prevent future spills.

Uncontrolled spills are caused by stormwater getting into the sewerage system through infiltration or improper plumbing connections. This project involves the construction of new penstocks (similar to gates which open and close automatically) and the upgrade of emergency relief structures within the Croydon Main Sewer and The Basin Branch Sewer.

Why is this project important?

This project will help to reduce the likelihood of sewage spilling onto properties after heavy rainfall events. The upgraded emergency relief structures will help prevent uncontrolled sewage spills and are designed to control overflows into local drains or creeks when the capacity of the sewerage system is exceeded.

Project Timeline

The Uncontrolled Spills Project is scheduled to start late October 2018 and be completed mid to late 2019. This project includes the construction of two new penstocks and the upgrade of two existing emergency relief structures to control sewage flows from the Croydon Main Sewer and The Basin Branch Sewer.

Where are the works taking place?

There are three separate work locations:

  • The Dandenong Creek Trail west of Marie Wallace Bayswater Oval, Bayswater;
  • Tarralla Creek southwest of Canterbury Road, Heathmont; and
  • Bungalook Creek south of Wayne Court, Heathmont.

Works will start first at the Dandenong Creek Trail location in Bayswater in late October 2018 to be followed by the other two locations. We will inform local residents and other stakeholders prior to works starting at both Heathmont locations.

Temporary detours

During the works, the Dandenong Creek Trail shared-use path that runs behind Marie Wallace Bayswater Oval will be temporarily detoured – from late 2018 until early 2019 (see USP Bulletin and Map of Dandenong Creek Trail).

Want to learn more?

Watch the video below to learn more about the different types of sewer spills.

How can you get involved?

To stay up to date with the project and future engagement opportunities, 'follow' the project today.

If you are experiencing spills, please contact your water retailer.