It's time to shift into phase 2 for Enhancing Dandenong Creek

We're thrilled to finally be sharing with you the first news update for phase 2 of Enhancing Our Dandenong Creek. Due to COVID-19 restrictions the best way forward for now has been to shift our community engagement online. So read on to learn more about the project and what's in store.

Image of Tirhutuan Wetlands

Phase 1 recap

The five-year pilot (phase 1) focused on improving natural amenity, uncontrolled sewage spills, reintroducing the threatened dwarf galaxias fish species, and preventing pollution from industrialised areas. Thanks to the community, a lot of the outcomes were a huge success.

You can read a re-cap of the pilot program, but if you're already familiar with the creek you may have seen for yourself how these programs have been faring. Like the dwarf galaxias breeding and reintroduction program. We were overjoyed recently to learn that these tiny fish are going gang busters in Tirhatuan Wetlands!

Phase 2 - what's in store?

Your feedback during this five-year pilot also showed us that there is still much more to be done. So, over the past year, and armed with all that you've told us, we've been meeting with our partners and key stakeholders to design the next set of projects. These will have two key focus areas: improving biodiversity outcomes in the middle Dandenong catchment and reducing pollution in the Old Joes and Bungalook Creek catchments..

What's the connection?

It goes without saying that improving the creek's biodiversity also means tackling the pollution problem. The two issues go hand in hand.

Phase 1 investigations, for example, revealed that the creek's major sources of pollution are coming from the industrial areas in the catchment. We also know that the pollutants identified are directly impacting and impairing the animals, insects and plants that call the creek home. That's why it's critical that we address this issue by taking a multi-pronged and multi-stakeholder approach.

Got a question for the project team?

If you have any further questions or feedback on the project, drop us a line at [email protected].

photo of a section of Dandenong Creek