The first five years delivered some fantastic measurable, on-ground benefits to the environment and the community - discover these by exploring the photos below.

Program 1 was a pilot that ran from 2013-2018, the scope was agreed upon by the EPA Victoria and Melbourne Water. It was developed and delivered in partnership with local councils, community groups, local businesses and state agencies to foster innovation and identify sustainable projects in the area.

We know Dandenong Creek has significant historical, cultural and environmental value, that the creek is home to a variety of flora and fauna and is a popular place for bike riding, running and dog walking. We worked closely with the community to protect and improve these values.

Daylighting and revitalising Dandenong Creek

The 'daylighting' of Dandenong Creek project was highly valued and chosen by the Natural Amenity Working Group. A piped waterway of 830m was replaced with an open, flowing channel restoring much of the creek's natural form and allowing for public amenities to be upgraded. This was the largest daylighting project in Victoria and the first delivered by Melbourne Water.

Pollution prevention and detection program

We worked closely with the EPA Victoria, Knox and Maroondah City Councils, South East Water, First Friends of Dandenong Creek and research partners to monitor waterways within Dandenong and Old Joe’s Creek catchment and improve water quality. Together we have been conducting detailed water quality investigations, ongoing live monitoring, catchment monitoring and dye testing to help identify potential pollution pathways. Using CCTV to investigate stormwater and sewer infrastructure conditions and we have coordinated pollution identification and reduction blitzes and awareness activities.

Frogs and billabongs program

We have worked with Knox and Maroondah City Councils to improve the biodiversity of Dandenong Creek by enhancing remnant billabongs in the landscape. These billabongs and their surrounds provide important breeding habitat for several frog species in the Dandenong Creek. The First Friends of Dandenong Creek and the Living Links program have been using the Melbourne Water Frog Census app to conduct frog census monitoring which helps to inform our planning and decisions on waterway health.