It's time to shift into phase 2!

Over the past five years, you've been working with us to deliver measurable, on-ground benefits to Dandenong Creek's environment and the community. We've seen some fantastic results, and the project has won several awards for its efforts.

Now, it's time to start working on the next five-year phase of the project.

Enhancing our Dandenong Creek 'Program 2' will be focused on improving the creek's biodiversity, ecology and habitat; reducing pollution; enhancing amenity and accessibility; elevating Traditional Owner values and activities; and managing impacts from sewerage.

We've been able to identify these themes for the program thanks to your input: because you've shared your knowledge about the creek and what you believe is important, we now have a clear direction forward. To date, we've been developing programs in the first areas: 'Biodiversity and connectivity' and 'Pollution reduction'.

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Traditional Owner values/activities

Estimated $0.5 million program featuring:

  • Initial scoping with Traditional Owners.
  • Activities likely to fall across and be delivered under other themes, but may include specific activities or actions that come about through engagement.

Amenities & access

Estimated $0.5 million program featuring:

  • Improving accessibility for people of all abilities, including reviewing access and amenities (bridges, seats, shelters, etc.)

Sewerage management

Estimated $0.5 million program featuring:

  • Managing impacts from sewerage system.
  • QMRA, ERS screening and improved reporting.

Case studies

Explore, discover and innovate: how we're engaging with the community to enhance our waterways.

Learning journey

Learning journeys are an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the potential of the EODC program and to really become acquainted with the creek and its catchment. The first learning journey brought together community members, local government and state agencies to visit future sites, see afresh through others' eyes, observe the environment and ourselves in it and challenge our current thinking and assumptions.

​Dive into a digital pond

Melbourne Water's Waterwatch and Clearwater teams have partnered with Swinburne University School of Design to develop a range of immersive waterway education experiences, including a virtual raingarden and augmented reality waterbugs. The pilot project kicked off in 2019, with an invitation to design students to submit their ideas. Further development is planned for 2020. Watch this space for more updates.

Follow the Pollution tour

How do you track pollution in Melbourne's waterways? What are some of the latest technologies being used? Melbourne Water's Clearwater team invited engineers, landscape architects, water quality experts and environmental scientists on a tour of Old Joes Creek, in the Dandenong catchment, to learn first-hand about the latest stormwater pollution monitoring technologies and programs being developed.

Our commitment to the UN Sustainability Development Goals

The UN Sustainability Development Goals provide common targets for Melbourne Water and our stakeholders to deliver improved community well-being and a better natural environment.

Use our image slider to see how our projects are working towards the UN Sustainability Development Goals.

Program Partners

Delivering on-ground results and value to the community is only possible through the collaborative efforts of our dedicated program partners.