Get ready as we plan for the next stage

Take a closer look at what's been achieved and where we are heading.

There will be a number of opportunities coming up for you to help shape the projects for Dandenong Creek. Follow this page to find out how you can join in the co-design phase for Program 2.

Introducing Program 2

We have reviewed Program 1 with you and our partners over the past year. Collectively the review provided us with over 3500 insights - your priorities and ideas for Program 2 have been bundled into the below themes and projects. This is our starting point, next we will scope up these options further.

Pollution reduction

Estimated $5M program featuring:

  • Monitoring and citizen science
  • Enforcement and compliance
  • Pollution treatment and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)

Biodiversity and habitat

Estimated $7M program featuring:

  • Billabongs, wetlands, parks and floodplain improvements to rehabilitate habitat for native and threatened flora and fauna species
  • Physical form and naturalisation projects

Amenities and access

Estimated $0.5M program featuring:

  • Access review and masterplan
  • New amenities

Our commitment to the UN Sustainability Development Goals

The UN Sustainability Development Goals provide common targets for Melbourne Water and our stakeholders to deliver improved community well-being and a better natural environment.

Use our image slider to see how our projects are working towards the UN Sustainability Development Goals.

Program Partners

We could not have delivered the on-ground results in Program 1 and the value to the community without the collaborative efforts of our dedicated program partners.