You've said, we've listened, what's next?

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the Land Use Options Report.

We received a wide range of feedback, with some members of the community strongly in favour of the opportunity for some increased residential development, others strongly opposed, and other views in between.

We're currently reviewing the community feedback we received and ensuring our submission complies with all relevant planning and other requirements.

We will advise the community of the of the next steps in our process once we have completed the current review. Make sure you're following this page to be notified of project updates.

Next steps

  • We are continuing to work with our independent planning consultant to progress our draft Master Plan.
  • We are also working through the suggestions and recommendations from Nillumbik Shire Council's detailed submission and will continue our engagement with relevant stakeholders and the community as part of the review.
  • The Masterplan will only be submitted to the Government Land Planning Service (GLPS) once all the issues have been thoroughly considered.

We own land in Christmas Hills which was previously earmarked for the Watsons Creek Storage Reservoir (WCSR).

Following the 2012 review of potential future augmentations of Melbourne’s water supply system, the land once earmarked for a storage reservoir has been eliminated as a viable future water supply option for the city.

Today, approximately 1000 hectares in Christmas Hills remains in our ownership. We are now planning to transfer 280 hectares of land to the Crown for conservation purposes and rezone and sell the balance of the land on the open market.

View a summary of our engagement

Graphic of engagement summary