Update February 2019

In February 2019 Melbourne Water submitted our Draft Masterplan and Report to the Government Land Planning Service (GLPS). This submission initiates the next significant engagement phase of the project which will be undertaken independently by the GLPS.

Next steps

GLPS provides information and the current status of sites online here: https://www.planning.vic.gov.au/policy-and-strateg...

We expect the Christmas Hills land sale program to be added to this directory shortly and public notification of the site in the coming months. The GLPS planning outcome is not expected before the end of 2019 and would inform any subsequent land sale plan. We will provide an update once the GLPS public notification is released.

We would like to thank the local community and stakeholders who participated in our engagement process. A summary of what we have heard through our engagement process and how this was considered in developing the Draft Masterplan is provided in our ‘Community Voices’ report.

Additional community comments and feedback received following that process have been complied and provided to GLPS with our submission.