Help shape the future land use of this area

We're inviting the local community to be part of shaping the development of the Masterplan for Christmas Hills.

Melbourne Water owns land in Christmas Hills which was previously earmarked for the Watsons Creek Storage Reservoir (WCSR).

Following the 2012 review of potential future augmentations of Melbourne’s water supply system, the land once earmarked for a storage reservoir has been eliminated as a viable future water supply option for the city.

Today, approximately 1000 hectares in Christmas Hills remains in Melbourne Water’s ownership.

Melbourne Water is now planning to transfer 280 hectares of land to the Crown for conservation purposes and rezone and sell the balance of the land on the open market.

Map of Christmas Hills zoning

Rezoning constraints

Considering various factors

As part of the planning for rezoning the land we have to consider various factors including environmental values, bushfire risk, cultural heritage, service availability, potential land contamination, landscape character and the provisions of the Nillumbik Planning Scheme.

Be involved

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. Your feedback will be considered as we develop the draft Masterplan.

Early community views

We want to achieve the best rezoning outcome for the area and recently invited the local community to be a part of this process by completing a short survey. Here's a summary of the key themes:

  • Maintain larger blocks – maintain intent of Green Wedge.
  • Create wildlife corridors/maintain environmental values of area.
  • Fire danger/escape is an issue that needs to be considered – potential for this to be worse with increase in development.
  • Opportunity to develop the town centre and create a central hub however this needs to be balanced
  • Tennis courts and Christmas Hills Hall land – needs to be worked out so that community can continue to manage and utilise the land.
  • Support for Rob Roy Hill Climb and Ponylands to retain the land.
  • Support for Christmas Hills Landcare proposal which focuses on maintaining large 40 hectare block sizes and preserving environmental values - flora and fauna.