You've said, we've listened, what's next?

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback and has participated in the engagement process.

We are pleased to provide our ‘Community Voices’ report, a summary of what we have heard from local community members and other stakeholders and how this is informing the outcomes of the Draft Masterplan, which we are currently finalising.

We will continue to receive and review feedback and any additional community comments through the Your Say portal and these will be compiled and provided to inform the Government Land Planning Service (GLPS) process with our submission

Next steps

We will submit the Draft Masterplan to the GLPS in early 2019. We will notify community and stakeholders via a community bulletin when we submit our application.

Once submitted, the GLPS will undertake its own extensive consultation process. Further information about the GLPS and the range of engagement available through this process is outlined below.

About the Government Land Planning Service (GLPS)

The GLPS changes planning provisions for Victorian government land and provides a clear and transparent process to ensure that land no longer needed by departments and agencies can be sold in a fair way with appropriate zoning. In this process Melbourne Water is a landowner (not a referral authority).

Government departments and agencies can request assistance under this service and there are a number of different assessment processes that are applied depending on the nature of the subject area. In this case, GLPS will notify a range of relevant stakeholder of the proposal (including Council, residents, interested parties and servicing authorities) and also places a notice in local paper(s) outlining their consultation process.

Consultation process:
  • Following the public notification, the subject area enters a six week ‘Exhibition’ period where public information sessions are held and submissions are invited.
  • Once the submission period closes, the Advisory Committee considers the submissions.
  • The Advisory Committee then holds public hearings.
  • The Advisory Committee then deliberates before providing advice to the Minister for Planning for their consideration.

The process is expected to take at a minimum six-eight months from submission to the final decision by the Minister for Planning.

The GLPS planning outcome is not expected before the end of 2019 and would inform any subsequent land sale plan.


Please provide any feedback and any additional comments on the Draft Masterplan. These will be compiled and provided to inform the GLPS process.

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We own land in Christmas Hills which was previously earmarked for the Watsons Creek Storage Reservoir (WCSR).

Following the 2012 review of potential future augmentations of Melbourne’s water supply system, the land once earmarked for a storage reservoir has been eliminated as a viable future water supply option for the city.

Today, approximately 1000 hectares in Christmas Hills remains in our ownership. We are now planning to transfer 280 hectares of land to the Crown for conservation purposes and rezone and sell the balance of the land on the open market.

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