Let's work together

We work in, with and for the community to help make Melbourne a great place to live

Melbourne Water makes a vital contribution to the famous Melbourne lifestyle.

We guarantee the supply of affordable, high-quality water, reliable sewerage, healthy waterways, integrated drainage and flood management services and create outstanding natural community spaces.

We recognise that no one understands the needs and values of your community better than you. So, we are increasing public participation and involvement across our flagship projects and strategies, to build better places for our communities to live.

We will provide you with project information, materials and the science to help keep you informed and invite you to share your insights, experience and local knowledge.

As water is central to Melbourne life, the people in our communities are central to our projects. Together we will create thriving and sustainable environments, community liveability and deliver world-class infrastructure, making Melbourne a great place to live.

Family watches black swans on the river

We’ll listen and learn

Have your say to help us enhance life and liveability for the community of Melbourne

Our vision is to create:

Healthy people

By providing safe affordable world-class drinking water and sewage treatment, we will work with you to protect public health and strengthen the wellbeing of our community.

Healthy places

While managing the impacts of climate change, we will work together to help protect our regions from floods and develop spaces for communities to use and enjoy, creating more desirable places to live.

Healthy environment

We will safeguard and improve the condition of our waterways and get your say on how to enhance the habitats of the plants and animals that live there.

Melbourne Water representative speaks to community member

Want to have your say?

Use this site to have your say about Melbourne Water projects that are in the pipeline

Bird watchers in Werribee