Sunbury's Water Future Community Panel

The Process

Over five, full-day sessions in June 2018, the panel, consisting of 30-35 randomly selected members of the community, explored and deliberated topics and solutions related to the future of Sunbury's water management. These include recycled water and stormwater, catchments and waterways, climate change and urban growth. Read our Community Panel Deliberative Process to learn more.

To get them started, they received a background report, a series of fact sheets about the issues being faced, and the findings from our wide community engagement report. During the sessions, subject matter experts came along to speak to the panel and answered their questions on a range of topics.

On Saturday 29 June 2019, the Sunbury’s Water Future community panel delivered its recommendations to Western Water and Melbourne Water on which water management solutions they believe will be best for the community and the environment.

To learn more about the panel's recommendations, read the panel report.

Watch these short videos to learn more about what Sunbury's community thinks about future water management, the environment, and being on a community panel.

Who made up Sunbury's Water Future Community Panel?

infographic of community panel demographics

How we responded to the panel's recommendations?

Both Melbourne Water and Western Water's Board of Directors have praised the hard work and vision of the SWF community panel and endorsed the detailed response report prepared by both corporations.

On Thursday October 10 2019, both corporations invited the community panel to attend an informal briefing and presentation of the response report. Fourteen of the final 26 members attend and provided valued feedback on the response document and the engagement process.

Both Melbourne Water and Western Water will begin further investigation into the feasibility and strategic alignment of each of the nine recommendations from the SWF community panel. They will prepare annual progress updates to share with the SWF community panel and wider Sunbury community. To ensure you don't miss these updates, follow our Sunbury Water Future YourSay page.

The Sunbury region shared their ideas about future water management for this growing region.

From targeted discussions and online surveys, community workshops, and one-on-one conversations, the ideas shared have played a vital role in understanding what matters to the community when it comes to water and our waterways, liveability and the environment. Read a summary of these ideas in our community engagement report.

We also invited the Sunbury's Water Future community panel, consisting of local residents and business owners, who met across May and June to deliberate the question:

'What water management options are best for our community and the environment?

Thank you to the panel

The enthusiasm, level of engagement, community spirit and the way in which the panel embraced this complex task is testament to the important role community plays in the work we do.

Western Water and Melbourne Water will use the panel’s recommendations to the greatest extent possible in developing a detailed integrated water management plan for Sunbury.

We have also kept the panel informed via annual progress updates.