A community panel delivers its recommendations

They've heard from a range of expert speakers, asked a multitude of questions, read countless reports and engaged in in-depth discussion. Now, the Sunbury's Water Future community panel has delivered its final recommendations.

On Saturday 29 June, following five, full-day sessions across May and June, the Sunbury’s Water Future community panel delivered its recommendations on water management solutions they believe are best for the community and the environment.

The panel presented the recommendations to Melbourne Water and Western Water leadership representatives, Chris Williams and Geoff Rigby.

You can find out what the panel recommended for Sunbury's Water Future by reading the panel report.

A big thank you to the community panel!

The panel's enthusiasm, level of engagement, community spirit and the way in which they embraced this complex task shows why it's so important to put community at the heart of decision making when it comes to matters that concern them. We are grateful to the panellists who gave up their Saturdays to focus on this important issue.

Watch this short video to learn more about the panel's final day.

What's next?

Western Water and Melbourne Water are now reading the report and will provide a response to the panel's recommendations within the next three months.

The Sunbury's Water Future community panel completes this stage of our community engagement. But over the coming years, we'll continue to engage with the community and key stakeholders and will use the panel's recommendations to the greatest extent possible to develop a detailed integrated water management plan for Sunbury.

If you'd like to know what's happening with Sunbury's Water Future, follow the Sunbury's Water Future Your Say page.
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