Construction ongoing

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In the northern section we will continue our construction work at Reservoirs 2 and 3 and reinstatement work within and west of GE Robinson Park. We will start to decommission the existing water main.

In the southern section we will connect our new pipeline to the existing water main at Arthurton Road and at Showers Street. We will continue to reinstate the kerbs and road pavements where we crossed key intersections. Based on specialist advice, we will stop planting the semi-mature Chinese elms trees, shrubs and groundcovers in early November. We will return to site and complete this planting in autumn 2018.

Last month our researchers were door-knocking and interviewing residents and business owners/managers. Thanks for participating in this research - and to those who provided feedback at our information sessions and the pop-ups last month.

Project background

Construction of the new water main started in mid-November 2016 and is expected to be operational by early November 2017.

There are two parts to the M40 project – the northern section and the southern section.

  • The northern section extends from our Preston reservoirs to Regent Street, across High Street and along Robinson Road.
  • The southern section extends from Oakover Road Preston to Arthurton Road Northcote, within the centre-median along St Georges Road.

Our normal working hours are from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday. If we need to work out of these hours, we'll let you know.

M40 map

View the map below for the exact location of the northern and southern sections.

Why this project is important

This water main is a critical link in our distribution network. It supports the supply of drinking water to our retail customers (Yarra Valley Water and City West Water) and Melbourne’s CBD and inner suburbs.

In the past, there have been a number of significant leaks from the M40 water main.

On completion, this project will enable us to:

  • continue to supply high quality, safe and reliable drinking water
  • increase capacity within the supply network
  • reduce water losses and disruption due to leaks.

This project contributes to Melbourne Water’s strategic vision of Enhancing Life and Liveability.