Litter and other illegal rubbish is a huge problem in our waterway. Not only is it unsightly, it is a risk to our local wildlife and contributes to the ocean pollution problem as it enters Port Phillip Bay at the bottom of the catchment.

The problem of litter does not sit with one organisation, it is a catchment wide problem requiring a range of solutions at a number of levels. These include actions aimed at reducing the production of litter and waste in the first instance, collecting it as close to the source as possible and removing it from the waterway before it enters the Bay.

The Chain of Ponds Litter Working Group has been established to bring together key agencies and community in the war against waste. We are currently working towards a catchment investigation, looking at key litter sources, effectiveness of existing infrastructure.

An investigation into the litter problem and how to tackle it effectively has been undertaken and a framework and litter action plan has been developed. The Moonee Ponds Litter Assessment can be viewed here.

We recently partnered with students from Strathmore North Primary School and took part in the RMIT Litter Trackers project.

The project releases GPS tracked plastic bottles into the creek and watches how they move through the system. As well as raising awareness, the project will show how litter moves through the waterway. It will be interesting to watch how this differs where the channel is lined with concrete and the more natural sections of the creek.

You can follow the litter tracker project on the RMIT Litter Tracker website:

My Litter Tracking experience!

We were walking along the creek to get to an RMIT student who was going to talk to us about a litter project we were going to be part of.

On the way we saw a crazy frogmouthed owl with its cute chubby baby.

After, we walked up to a part of the creek where there were some rocks to walk across.

We were introduced to experienced people and the university student from RMIT university, who explained about the local area and environment.

I learnt that all the rubbish from the Moonee Ponds creek gets caught up near a beach and kills HEAPS of local animals.

After, we were given bottles with GPS trackers inside so we can track where all the rubbish goes and how fast it is going. We were paired into partners and each partner had a bottle. One by one we let the bottles go in the creek and counted down. 5...4...3...2...1... The best experience ever!

If you’d love to see the bottles float along, log in here at

Aydin.S Year 4 Strathmore North Primary School